How we communicate with life determines how life communicates back to us. As a Public Speaker I fully appreciate the power of communication and how we can influence those in attendance. But I find the same appreciation for how I communicate with my wife, my kids, my friends and my clients. At the weekend I held my seminar, “Communicate with Confidence” to show the importance of the art of communicating in building connections, relationships and communities.

In his groundbreaking book “Sapiens” Yuval Noah Harari outlines how the development of language and communication skills was the key factor in the evolution of the human species. It was our ability to eloquently articulate our vision, needs, values, dreams and aspirations that allowed us to form tribes, hunt in packs and tend to large areas of land propelling us to the top of the food chain.

Other animals can communicate. We know that whales can communicate within a pod using recognizable ultrasound that can travel vast distances. We can even teach some animals such as the part to increase their vocabulary and studies have shown that chimpanzees can string together shirt sentences such as “stop. Danger, lion”

But, it’s our ability as humans to communicate our emotional needs, to form intricate sentences and connect at a deep level through verbal and nonverbal communication that sets us apart.

Interestingly we stand at the threshold of losing the very thing that paved the way from the cave to the air-conditioned home with a fridge full of food. With the introduction of Messenger, and text messages, snap and group chats, we are losing the ability to properly communicate and connect. Some people are reverting back to “chimp speak” with their text or email that reads, “phone you back.”

This becomes significantly more destructive when we speak like this around the dinner table while we scoff microwavable meals while scrolling on social media. Technology is incredible, it’s hear to stay and will continue to grow but make sure your controlling it as opposed to it controlling you. Your relationships depend on it.

I could go into this subject at depth, I did at the weekend during my seminar, “Communicate with Confidence” but in a nutshell if you want to improve your marriage, a friendship, your culture within a team or workplace then you need to improve how you communicate. Everyone, at a deep level, wants to feel seen, heard and understood.

It’s on us as individuals to be flexible in our communication to connect with people at their level initially. We call this rapport. The ability to build rapport with anyone and everyone will ensure that you have quality relationships wherever you go. If you’re into travel then developing rapport with those you come into contact with means better, lasting experiences. If you are into relationships that means fuller and deeper connections and if you’re into business then it will be clear to you that your net worth will be equal to your network.

With the introduction of A.I and hybrid work places the ability to connect at a human level becomes priceless. Why? Because you can quite significantly improve how that person/spouse or team emotionally feels and emotions are the precursor to all human behavior.

So make it your aim for today to Communicate with Confidence – look someone in the eye, say hello and leave them with an impression of increase.

From my heart to yours,


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