As well as being brought in to improve the performance of companies and teams, Ciaran still works closely with individuals on a 121 basis either via zoom or face to face.

Having seen how his own growth developed at an exponential rate in both Sports and Business when he hired a coach and mentor Ciaran now embodies the role himself. A natural leader Ciaran states

“I’ve had some great coaches, leaders and mentors in my life and continue to do so. My ethos is to find and develop the talent and potential within someone, holding them accountable to that higher standard and help guide them through the processes of optimal human performance. Human Performance is defined by results. Our results in life can be the quality of our relationships, our mental, physical and emotional health, our sporting or business performance, stress levels, sense of adventure for life or our levels of self awareness. These results are a direct result of our habits and behaviours. Our habits and behaviours are a direct result of how we are feeling and our feelings are directly impacted by our thoughts. I truly believe that if you change your mind, you can change your life.

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If high performance coaching or mentoring isn’t for you then do not fear. Ciaran also hosts and an online self development community for those starting out on there self development journey, The Knowing Doing Gap is held via a private Facebook Group where Ciaran personally hosts live videos, a self development book club alongside meet ups, guest speakers and so much more. For only £20 per month you will have access to all this and more, can you afford not to?

“I am passionate about making all things self development accessible and affordable particularly during times of economic downturn, The Knowing Doing Gap is a contract free, no obligation, cancel anytime group where you can network with like minded people, be held accountable for your goals and learn new tips and techniques on how to change your mind to change your life.

Watch this short about mentoring with Natural Resilience

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