Corporate Work

In recent years Ciaran has consulted to some of the most successful companies in Ireland and beyond whether it was through delivering tailored human performance programmes or through public speaking and keynote presentations.

“I believe that human performance is measured in results, not just statistics but actual life results. If you get to know the people involved in your business and can support them to grow and develop while buying into the vision of your company then the results start to change astronomically. If performance is measured in results, then results are dictated by human behaviour. Human behaviour is a product of internal traits such as thoughts, emotional states, values and beliefs. The beauty of this is. They can all be changed. Change your mind and you can quite literally change your life. I’ve done is to great affect and coached many others to do the same”

Aside from delivering training and practical workshops,  Ciaran is also an in-demand Public Speaker having addressed audiences all over Ireland and beyond with his own self-development seminar “Awaken The Power Within” as well as addressing or collaborating with some of Ireland’s top companies and businesses. Take a look below at some recent reviews and short videos.

To get an insight into our corporate work watch our short videos below

Some recent feedback

Some of the companies we have worked with

Video Testimonial below from Rob McConnell – Head of Expleo NI

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