“This year started with some clear goals and also and understanding that something internal was holding me back. This lead to a search for a new coach preferably someone likeminded that would be able to guide and help. Ciaran was a perfect fit.

We had a number of sessions including a great session dealing with a family emergency. These sessions cleared a lot of my blockages giving me a level of clarity I hadn’t experienced in years. I am free of those self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for years.

My family life feels even better than before, in a sporting context I have had a few breakthroughs and Personal Bests and in a business sense my goals are clearer, my mind is focused. This is the best Ive felt in a very long time.

Ciaran is professional and has an amazing skill set. What sets Ciaran apart are his own life experience, his training, both in the professional business sense but also his own sporting career. He has a powerful calming presence that immediately pts you at ease. For all these reasons and more I will continue to work with Ciaran”