“My professional sports career and my business career are two things that mean a lot to me and I knew I was reaching nowhere near my full potential in both. I reached out to Ciaran May about 12 months ago. At that time my confidence, self image and performance in sports were under par.

I attended an event run by Ciaran on goal setting and achievement and for the first time began to understand the process of success in sports, life and business.

The saying “You dont know until you know” sums up my time with Ciaran. I thought I was self aware and had everything sorted but he has took everything to a whole new level. Its safe to say that how I I view myself, my potential and the world around me has totally changed.

Ciaran has given me the tools to build a relationship with myself as I undertake this new journey into sport and business. I have genuine new found purpose in life thanks to Ciaran May