I am fortunate and greatful to have discovered Ciaran and  Natural Resilliance back in early 2020.

Since then I have grabbed every opportunity to follow Ciarans teachings attending several personal, and professional development workshops & events, even becoming a mentee of his one to one programme.
Ciaran is a true pioneer in human performance and development. He has the most genuine and authentic personality and has an adept ability help bring you out of your own head and take action.
The moment he mentioned that he was starting a private online group platform, I jumped at the opportunity to become a founding member.
The Knowing Doing Gap brings together a fantastic group of like minded people in which Ciaran shares his life’s work in abundance.
This, along with the book club, industry leading guest speakers, and in person meet ups provides an unquestionable amount of value.
As a miltiple business owner who has Invested thousands of pounds Into personal and professional development, I can say with certainty that the Knowing Doing Gap has been my greatest investment to date.

The group is showing exponential growth and its great to see the members growing with it!