When Ciaran walked off the stage at the end of the ‘art of living’ after closing his keynote speech, I said 4 words ‘out of the part’. That is truly what he delivered, a powerful message about life, it was infectiously energetic and authentic. I left that day feeling incredible, what is not to love about that.

I first met Ciaran in Canada when we both represented Northern Ireland at powerlifting. I knew then he was an incredible force. He has become a trusted friend and confidante over the years since.  Ciaran has now delivered at several events for me both in my full-time role as Head of Service for GLL and then for my own business MCI Health and Performance. He takes immense pride in the work this is very clear when you meet him. He will changes many life’s and make a real difference in this lifetime.

I have been part of the knowing- doing gap since the beginning and the content is brilliant, relevant and engaging. It doesn’t matter what role you are in or what you aspire to be, you will find this group invaluable. The group is full of unbelievable talent and I feel incredibly grateful to be part of it. The group epitomises authentic networking and shared learning, I have met some amazing people through the knowing doing platform, my life is definitely richer for it.

Make this group a part of your life, your future self will thank you