“I had the pleasure of meeting Ciaran when we brought him in to deliver one of our leadership events. He most definitely pushed us out of comfort zones and gave us the confidence to face our fears head on by shifting our mindsets and reframing our thoughts. I personally would not have been very reluctant to do anything “scary” before like abseiling. I was the one usually standing at the bottom holding the coats but with the support, guidance and encouragement from Ciaran I climbed the wall and abseiled back down in one piece, I felt so proud of myself.

We finished the day off with a cold dip in the sea, something I would never have volunteered for previously but once again, through the mindset and breath control techniques that Ciaran showed us, we were able to submerge in the icy water right up to our necks even enjoying the moment and having the craic. I felt exhilarated for hours after. The trick is, the more we face challenges, the we will start to rewire our thinking. Ciaran has overcome ALOT in his life and has made it his personal mission to give back to others and share his zest for life. I have so much respect for this amazing man”